Kempische Amateur Radioclub PI4KAR
Bladel opgericht 10 november 1993


The Kempische Amateur Radioclub PI4KAR was founded on 10 November 1993 in Bladel, with the ideal goal of bringing together radio amateurs and those interested in technology in the Kempen region. 
We have our own home at the Leemskuilen (next to the Guild) in Bladel, which can be used as a contest location, fox-hunting in the beautiful nature and small gatherings. Members always have access to the JMC home via an electronic access and monitoring system.

The proceeds of the well-known KAR radio/technical market is invested in the association and in young people and the elderly, to inform them about Zen amateurism and technology in general. 
For this we organize open days and keep the threshold to become a member of our association (financially) low.

The Belgian and Dutch Kempen offer in addition to history, many beautiful nature reserves and Burgundian charms. 

The "Contente Mens" and the "Acht Zaligheden", are typical for the Brabantse Kempen. 
These refer to the history of the region and to the friendly character of the Kempen population.

We offer information, meetings, and Kempen conviviality, for members and interested parties.

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